Frequently Asked Questions
Where can I find you?

Below are a few of the places I can be found. If you need to get contact me and it's urgent, click the Skype, Facebook or Email icons.

YouTube Twitch GitHub


When are you going to update to Minecraft x.x.x?

Don't know, when are you going to stop asking when the update comes out?

Seriously though, modders hate giving out time frames, because they most likely cannot be reached on time.

When is the next update coming out?

Read above.

The mod crashed! What do I do?

Make sure that you are not using MCPatcher to install the mod. MCPatcher overrides files necessary for Minecraft Forge's HD texture support. Try this mod's automatic installer. If that doesn't work, start with a fresh minecraft installation and try installing the mod manually.

If you continue to have problems, go to the MinecraftForum thread and post the crash log with a detailed description of the problem.

I caught a bug! What do I do with it?

If you found a bug in a beta version of the mod, and you are a beta tester, be sure to submit it using the feedback program on this website.

If you found a bug in a final release of the mod, head over to the MinecraftForum thread to report it, or contact us about it.

Do I need to install AIRI? And what is it?

Yes, you must install AIRI for this mod to work. AIRI is a mod library, developed by Arisux, packed with useful code designed to make Minecraft modding easier for Minecraft mod developers.

Do I need to install ModLoader?

No, do NOT install ModLoader. It is extinct and outdated. Install Minecraft Forge ONLY.

What Java versions are supported?

Java 7 and 8 only. Java 6 is NOT supported.

If you are using an unsupported version of Java, update to a version that is supported, or you will run into problems running this mod.

The mods textures are white! What's wrong?

You're running outdated and old graphics hardware with outdated graphics drivers. Either upgrade your hardware or update your drivers. If this isn't the problem then you've done something terribly wrong to your computer.

Can I use this mod in a mod pack?

As long as you have permission and you provide proper credit, it is perfectly fine!

Can I do a mod review?

Sure! Go ahead. I enjoy watching videos of people's creations and opinions on my projects.

Can I upload this content on my own website? / Can I mirror this content?

For personal use only. All public mirrors MUST have my permission. No exceptions.

Why aren't this mods ores in forge's ore dictionary?

Because, I have no interest in the ore dictionary. Yes, that's seriously the answer.

Is this mod dead or is it going to be dead any time soon?

No, absolutely not. If I intend on killing the mod off, which I don't, I'll ask for the MinecraftForum thread to be locked. I'll also make a very noticeable notification on this website.

Is this mod open source?

Yes, but that does NOT mean you can just go and copy-pasta my sources and call it your own. I am the type of person who WILL find out about it, and I WILL call you out for it.

Do you like pizza?

No, I do not like pizza. I love it!

Can I add you on Skype?

On my public Skype account, yes. Private one? Nice try.

Does this mod have an IRC Channel?

No, but I am on IRC quite a lot, mostly in #minecraftforge. So if I'm online, you can find me there.

Does this mod have an official server?

Not right now, but at some point I plan on starting one back up. Check back every few weeks.

Are you going to add *insert feature here*?

If you're going to ask me if I'm going to add something from the AliensVsPredator frahnchise, I'll stop you right there. Chances are that if it existed in a game, movie, or anything related, then it's probably going to get added at some point.

Does this mod replace vanilla mobs? Nothing is spawning!

No, the vanilla mobs are spawning in your world, just not very often. This mod spawns its' mobs in very large quantities at fairly high rates. Minecraft will cease the spawning of entities if there are too many in the world at one time. There is currently no way to fix this in single-player. If you are running this mod on a server and you're running Cauldron/MCPC+, you may increase the maximum mob cap set by Minecraft using the configuration.