Frequently Asked Questions
Contacting us

Have a question, need help or just want to support us? Here's where you can find us!

Will you update to version x.xx.x?

More than likely yes, but do no beg for release dates or ETAs. We have none and devs hate getting this question.

You’ve been quiet on the forum a long time... is this mod dead?

We mostly post updates and interact on Discord now, so it would be a good idea to check there before asking. Also, things always come up, which can, in turn, delay progress on the mod. But just since progress has been slow does not mean the mod is "dead".

Will you port the mod to “Bedrock” (phone/console/Win10) edition?

No, we have zero interest in that version. Not to mention it’s in a totally different coding language, and more than likely lacks the power for a mod of this size.

Who all works on the mod?

Currently we have 2 developers- Ri5ux, the main developer and founder, and Cybercat5555 (Cykacat or Cykabirb on Discord), the modeler and texturer.

What software do you use to make this mod?

The mod is coded in Java using Eclipse. Most models are made with Tabula, some with Blender, and textures are made in as well as Adobe Photoshop.

The mod crashed! What can I do?

If your game has crashed, please post the crash report on Github or Pastebin, then link it to either AvP’s official Discord or on the forum. Though make sure you have the correct version of MDX installed and are running Java 8 or newer first.

I caught a bug! What do I do with it?

Please report all bugs either on the website’s feedback program, or on Discord.

Can I use this mod in a modpack?

Feel free to! Though please provide proper credits

Can I do a review or a showcase of this mod?

Please do! We love to see others using and enjoying this mod. But give proper credit of course.

Can I upload/mirror this mod somewhere?

No, this mod can only be obtained on this website, on Curse/Twitch, or in a modpack. If you wish to upload a mirror of this mod elsewhere, ask first.

Is this mod open source?

Yes, however this does not mean you can take the sources and call it your own. We will find you, and you will be called out for it.

Can I help with the mod?

Since the mod is open sourced, you may suggest edits as you wish via pull requests on GitHub, but do not assume this means they will be accepted. Also, we’re good on models and textures, we mostly need addition help with the code.

Will you add [insert feature/mob here]?

Depends. We try to stay as close to canon as possible, which is defined by the Weyland-Yutani Report, so don’t go asking for comic or game originated xenomorphs, please. Though we do make exceptions for aliens based directly off certain vanilla creatures. The Discord has a much longer list of what will never be added. However, feel free to suggest anything else, either on this website or on Discord.

Does this mod have a server?

Currently no, though keep an eye on this website to see if one is announced.

Does this mod replace vanilla spawning? Nothing else is spawning at all!

No, this mod does not replace vanilla spawning, however mobs from this mod spawn much more frequently and in high quantities, which could be using up the spawning for other mobs. If this is too much for you, try disabling mature_spawns and/or overworld_spawning in the mod's configuration or installing a 3rd party mod that can control spawning.

HELP! My world is overran with queens! They’re literally coming from the walls!

This issue is known, however there currently isn’t anything to do about it, outside of killing the queens. You can try disabling mature_spawns and/or overworld_spawning in the mod's configuration if this becomes too much of an issue though.

How can I get to the other dimensions?

Currently, outside of the creative mode only portals, there is no way to access the other dimensions added by this mod without using other mods. But fear not! We have a plan for this, which will use a future mod called Starway.

Will you add compatibility with [mod]?

Outside of ore dictionary and some power converters, no. However, if you want to do specific compat, you can create it and submit a pull request on Github.