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Assembler is the main crafting station used for crafting AVP items. Here, you can craft critical parts of Human and Yautja (Predator) technology. Crafting some technological parts such as Diode, Integrated Circuit etc. will be at double efficiency. (Tested in 1.12.2, latest version. Doesn't use double resources, so its not a bug or accident.) Some items in the mod can only be crafted at the Assembler, therefore they won't show their recipes up in crafting guide mods like JEI (Just Enough Items). Assembler takes a heavy amount of resources and time to craft, especially if player tries to rush for it in early-game. Having a proper infrastructure before crafting the Assembler may be really useful, as the required resources and, if Applied Energistics 2 is installed, crafting technique will be present. (Crafting Terminal from the AE2 is really useful as it collects all resources under one storage menu, while also keeping the crafting recipe on crafting area after a craft.)


2 x Random Access Memory 1 x Microprocessor 1 x Led Display 1 x Polycarbonate 1 x Transistor 1 x Solid State Drive 1 x Power Supply 1 x Motherboard

Mods that help mining such as Tinker's Construct or Buildcraft is recommended, also you may choose to merge other mods' silicon with AVP silicon in crafting recipes via using Crafting Tweaks, since AVP Silicon is so rare that crafting an Assembler may take an unnecessary amount of time.